Before I would go to see my late father in Paris, TX, he would call and tell me, "Bring some of that sausage." I had taken him some a few years before, and he was hooked. We always keep a package in the fridge to this day.

Bill P.

Best Sausage ever!!!!
I use it in all my cooking that calls for sausage and love to grill it also!!

Cindy S.

im from missouri but i use to live in shreveport back in 2002 and when i first tasted this sausage i was hooked , i have never tasted a sausage of this caliber period ,now that i am back in missouri i hate i can't get it ,i wish i could find a way to get it and how much for 10lbs of it would it cost

Shawn B.

Moved to Texas, and nothing we have purchased has come anywhere near the quality or flavor of our Down Home Sausage. Ordering some to have shipped. There just is no comparison!

Amanda B.

I grew up down home in Louisiana, but now live in Oklahoma and can't find Down Home Sausage anywhere except when I go to my home place in Louisiana and bring some back to Oklahoma. People up here agree with me that Down Home Sausage are the best sausage we have ever eaten. I wish they were more readily available in Oklahoma.

Jerald B.

The best sausage in town. I used to work there so I know that what they say on their website is true. 100% pork and 100% hog casings.

Brandi L.

The only smoked sausage I eat. Too bad I can't find it in the DFW

Tawana T.

The BEST sausage for red beans and rice...Best for pan sausage. Very good consistency of flavor and quality.

Thomas L

Sooooooo good... the BEST.

Jeremy W.