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Our Story

The late owner of Down Home Meats, Harold Chamberlain, who passed away  back in 2009, made it his goal to reproduce the taste of what he termed "old school" smoking procedure. And over time, the recipe has not changed.

At Down Home Meats, we only buy the best of the hog and the freshest seasonings without fillers. The seasonings are not blended until the day they're ordered, turning out an average of 60,000 pounds of meat every week.

Our sausages are made by hand, stuffed by hand, looped by hand, and put into the smokehouse by hand. It is smoked at a controlled temperature for four hours, chilled, then packaged for shipment.

Down Home Meats is currently owned by Chamberlain's son, Carney and til this very day he continues to use the process perfected by his late father Mr. Chamberlain.